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Work Experience of the managers and leading experts of the Wardell - Kazakhstan Mineral Company.

Koshko K.A.
Mining engineer-geologist
Experience: 31 years
Metal Country Projects & Results
  Kazakhstan Thematic expedition, aerospace geological party. Geologist, senior geologist.
  Kazakhstan "YugGeo LLP", "Kazinterservive LLP". Drawing up of the atlas of geological maps of Southern Kazakhstan.
Au Kazakhstan Cameco Gold (Canada). Geologist of the exploration projects in Sary-Arka (25000.0 km2) and Uzboiy (30 tons of gold).
Au, Cu Kazakhstan BHP Minerals. Exploration Geologist.
Pb, Zn Kazakhstan Zhaiyremskiy MIP. Department of perspective development. The chief of group on Surpac-2000 application.
oil Turkmeniya Halliburton International Inc. Department of business development. The engineer - geologist, Administrative Associate.
Au, Cu Kazakhstan GeoInfoCentr LLP. Chief geologist, drawing up of the reports.
Sn, Ta Kazakhstan Syrymbet LLP. The chief geologist on modelling of deposit (Micromine 9.1)
  Kazakhstan Micromine (Australia). The adviser of representation, consulting.
Zhusupov K.B.
Senior geologist
Mining engineer-geologist
Experience: 37 years

Metal Country Projects & results
Zn, Pb, Ba  Kazakhstan 
Zhayremsky GOK. Dalnevostochnaya mine. Development, operational exploration. Geologist, senior geologist of the mine, senior geologist for reserves and conditions.
Zn, Pb, Ba


Zhailminsky GRP (MCM). Supplementary exploration of the Dalnezapadny Zhayrem field. Stocks calculation. Technician-geologist, geologist, senior geologist, chief geologist.
Zn, Pb, Ba  Kazakhstan
Zhailminsky GRP (MCM). Supplementary exploration of the Dalnezapadny Zhayrem field. Stocks calculation. Chief geologist.

 Metals, nonmetals


State Commission on Mineral Reserves (RK GKZ). Committee of geology and subsurface use. Chief specialist of department of metals, Head of Solid Mineral Expertise Department, chief expert.




Казахстан RK GKZ. Independent expert

Vedeshkin-Ryabov D.G.
Chief geologist
Sverdlovskiy Mining Institute
Experience: 38 years
Metal Country Projects & Results
U Kazakhstan The main geologist of exploration and exploration parties Tcelinnogo mining-chemical industrial complex.
Au Kazakhstan Kazzoloto, Kazakhaltyn – chief geologist of the company (deposit Bestybe, Aksu, Zholymbet)
Au Kazakhstan TEK corporation (Canada) - project geologist. Searches and exploration of deposits Stepok (22 tons of
Gold) and Tellurium (5 tons of gold)
coal Kazakhstan Coal section Sary-Adyr. Chief geologist
Au Kyrgyzstan Cameco Gold (Canada). Tokhtazan (east Kirghizia). Searches and exploration 27 tons of gold. Exploration of 1000.0 km2
Au-Cu Kyrgyzstan Andash (north Kirghizia) Exploration of 20 tons of gold. The bank FEASIBILITY REPORT, project of development, IPO
Au Kyrgyzstan Karabulak (northern Kirghizia). Exploration, estimation of 15 tons of gold
Au Kyrgyzstan Sarydjaz. Searches of deposits of gold
Rozjivin O.D.
Senior geologist
Frunze Polytechnic Institute
Mining engineer-geologist
Experience: 36 years
Metal Country Projects & Results
Ag Kyrgyzstan Senior fellow FPI.Study of Kirgiz silver metallogeny
Au Kyrgyzstan Senior fellow FPI. Detailed geological-structural mapping of Kumtor deposit (717t Au),Taldy-Bulak Levoberezhnyi (99t Au), Dzheruy (95t Au)
  Kyrgyzstan Senior research scientist IG NAS of Kyrgyzstan. Preparing of metallogenic map of Kyrgyzstan on geodynamical basis.
Au Kyrgyzstan Newmont gold. Project manager, prospecting works on Sarydjaz, prospecting-evaluation works on Solton-Sary (20 t Au), Chaarat (130 tAu) deposits.
Au, Zn, Ag Uzbekistan Oksus gold (UK). Head, database department, computer reserves calculation of Khandiza deposit.
Au Kyrgyzstan Eurasian minerals (Canada). prospecting-evaluation works manager on Kuru-Tegerek deposit.
Au Central Asia Centerra gold (Canada). Senior geologist. Geological-economic evaluation of gold deposits of the region.
Shevkunov A.G.
Frunze polytechnic institute
Mining engineer-geologist

Experience: 37 years

Metal Country Projects & Results
W Kyrgyzstan
“Basic research laboratory of startiform deposits”. Researcher.
 Au Kyrgyzstan
““Kyrgyz Institute of mineral raw materials”. Head of department “Metallogeny and forecasting”. Executive in charge and author of three research reports
  Au Kyrgyzstan
Newmont Gold Kyrgyzstan”. Geologist of regional prospecting project Karakala (South Kyrgyzstan).


Kumtor Operating Company”. Senior geologist of Exploration department. Geological survey and mapping on Kumtor deposit; mineralogical-geochemical study of ore; prospecting works on the flanks of the deposit and on license properties of “Kumtor Gold Company” 

Chernyavskaya Z.I.

Mining engineer-geologist
Speciality – «Geochemistry»

Experience: 41 years

Metal Country Projects & Results
North-Kyrgyz geological expedition, prospecting parties.
Geologist, senior geologist, head of team, chief geologist in prospecting parties. Job duties – arrangement and management of geological-prospecting works, prospecting and survey routs, preparation of geological maps of different scales, processing of field materials using computer software, petrographic studies, preparation, revision and correction of reports, projects. (Ridges: Saryjaz, At-Bashi, Jetymskiy, Susamyrskiy, Kyrgyzskiy, Karakudjurskiy, Terskei-Alatau et al).
Kumtor Operating Company (Centerra Gold, inc) “Exploration” department. Regional geologist – geological-prospecting works (prospecting routs, logging of surface workings, geological sections, geochemical lines, text and graphic processing of field data, report preparation). Geologist-petrographer – petrographic studies: description of thin sections, for regional sites, with conclusions, summaries, recommendations preparation.
SNSF, Project No 7KSPJ065518.Preparation of digital geological map of Kirgizskiy ridge and the basin of Chui transition area.


Project No KR-920.Digital geological map of Khan-Tengri massif SNSF,
Project No IB7320-110694 Digital geological map and map of natural hazards of Internal Tien-Shan.

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